Hello. I’m Pete D’Amico.

Pete is a native of Youngstown, OH.  He graduated from The University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. Post college, he worked for NBBJ, doing primarily Healthcare Architecture.  In 2000, after 7 years, he got the “itch” and went to work with The Falcon Companies as a Manufacturer Direct Rep.  In 2005, he joined forces with Tim O’Neil due to his reputation as one of the best reps around (and because Tim invented the “Drink and Learn”, try his legendary Long Island Iced Tea!).  What Pete enjoys most about his work is making people happy and being able to help provide the perfect design solution, at the right price and on time!  Pete is happily married to Mitzi, his college sweetheart, (who works at NBBJ) and has three lovely daughters, Cecilia, Isabella, and Gabriella. Call him sometime!


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(614) 738-9698

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