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BuzziSpace Materials


All our BuzziSpace products are covered in layered eco felt material, which has both sound-reducing and sound-absorbing properties. This makes our range perfect for dampening sounds in office spaces as well as in home environments without losing sight of the tactile factor and design quotient. The eco felt or BuzziFelt consists of 100% upcycled plastic bottle waste. This makes the BuzziSpace products good for the environment, because they help to reduce waste. The production process of the Buzzi range applies the “cradle-to-cradle” philosophy wherever it can as well. So it’s not just design, but design with a heart.

Sliced BuzziFelt

What to do with the leftovers of already recycled materials? For the BuzziFelt leftovers, BuzziSpace thought of the perfect solution: Sliced BuzziFelt! Felt trimmings are cut up and processed into colourful, randomly striped patterns that find their way as new products of the BuzziSwitch collection. Recycling this way becomes upcycling and Sliced BuzziFelt is the perfect addition to the BuzziSpace natural way of life.

Grass: lightblue + lime + offwhite Toendra: lightblue + lime + stonegrey   Savannah: lightblue + orange + ecobrown  Colibri: lightblue + pink + stonegrey  Zebra: offwhite + stonegrey + anthracite  Tukan: lime + orange + red + pink + ecobrown + lightblue + stonegrey + anthracite + offwhite + curry  Jane: anthracite + red + stonegrey + ecobrown + offwhite + white  Sigma: anthracite + orange + stonegrey + ecobrown + offwhite + white

 Sliced BuzziFelt


The BuzziFabrics are used to upholster all the BuzziSpace seating units and therefore also meet the highest standards of sitting comfort and durability. To meet these high demands, we use a fabric that is a mix of various high-quality recycled raw materials. The BuzziFabric consists of 70% recycled wool, 25% recycled polyacrylic and 5% recycled rags. High quality plus ecology, after all, remains our motto in everything we do!


Wool is storming its way back and riding high in the flight to authenticity, provenance and environmental consciousness.
Not only is the world falling back in love with wool, but traditional tweeds, plaids, checks and tartans are in high demand from soft furnishings to high fashion
The 11 Amazing Benefits of Wool:
-Wool resists wrinkles -Wool has balanced thermal insulation properties-Wool is hypoallergenic -It absorbs harmful pollutants-Dust mites don’t like wool 
-Wool is naturally anti-static -Easily cleaned-Wool is naturally flame resistant-Wool is a naturally renewable fibre -Eco-friendly and Sustainable 




Pure nature from Scandinavia

An aniline leather with a extremely good touch. The grain structure of the hide is completely flat. Normal life markings such as healed scars, neck wrinkles, scratches certify the authenticity of this article and show all the positive properties of a product left in its natural state.

 Origin: Scandinavian bullhides

Thickness: 1.2/1.4 mm

Surface: Aniline


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