Preview some of Hightower’s new designs

Featured in their showroom at theMART is their latest collections from exclusive brand partners. Linger in FourLikes™, the modular zoning piece by Anders Nørgaard or relax in the whimsical Nest Easy XL chairs and award-winning Nest System Table from Form Us With Love. 

Nest System Tables

Designed to be flexible with changing environments, the dining or bar height tables feature a lock-in, tubular solution which joins together a growing, endlessly configurable table. In this way, the system has the opportunity to answer future needs—duality in stability combined with the ability to grow and shrink if needed.

Hightower FourLikes™

An extensive family of modules which can be configured again and again to optimize workspaces and activate underused areas. The designs are based on cubes, yet the styling creates the perception of curvy and organic shapes.
The FourLikes™ family is completed by the freestanding Scooters, available with or without backs plus castors for easy movement.

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